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Our shipping is a flat rate of $10.00. Spend a little or spend a lot $10.00 This was implemented due to customer requests. Sometimes I do contact you and ask if your package can be sent via UPS instead but if you say no then I will not send it that way it will be USPS. Now if you are in the UK , Canada we can ship there but we would need to manually invoice you and shipping would be exact cost. Prior to Covid UK shipping basic was $25.00 and that just isn't something we at this time can handle to cover-. If you have a shipping forwarding box, no problem the items will go to what you have listed on check out/paypal. Please make sure your address is correct please. ***It is summer and we will start implementing our shipping to M-T-W this way hopefully packages will not be left in a truck over the weekend or hopefully even over night. Sometimes you forget arrival date and a pop up trip and boom you have scented your mailbox over the weekend instead of your house. If you ever have questions please ask. I want you to know what to expect.

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If you have a forwarding PO box it is the flat rate shipping. It goes to your PO here in the US and you have them forward. If you live in the UK /Canada it is exact cost shipping. If you have a DHL

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