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Tips and Tricks

Updated: Jul 1

1- Only cover the bottom of your dish you are using. Too much wax and the hot wax on the

bottom can not get through the cold wax on top. Typically .5 to 1oz of wax is sufficient.

That is 1 square from the clamshell- some use two due to warmer size. These try me squares- I use two of the five.

2- If your wax is not throwing well- move it to another spot. Air flow is everything. If you

still can not smell it- move to the bathroom- if you still can not smell it-you could be

nose blind to that scent or that type of wax does not work well with that warmer.

Provided you can smell other scents.

3- The hotter the warmer the harder the throw - the lower the wattage the longer the scent

will last , typically.

4- If your wax has subsided to the point you are not happy with it anymore, throw it out.

Don't add more wax - you are not "sprucing up" your old wax you are diluting your new wax.

5- Easy way to clean out your warmer- turn it off-drop in a few cotton balls and once

absorbed throw away, wipe out , ready to go again. Just be careful it could be

really hot still.

6 - Some wax needs cure time,typically two weeks, mine does because it is coconut and soy blend. There are "melt dates" on the labels ( unless I messed up and forgot). That melt date means it is ready to melt after that date, it will have cured two weeks by then.

7- Keep your wax stored in a cool/dry/out of the sun location. It also needs to be stored in a Polypropylene bag ( what it is sent in) ( on the recycle label that is #5) or glass. Do NOT store in a zip lock bag. It will leech the scent.

8- Above all else I hope you enjoy your wax. I hope it brings joy, relaxation, peace, maybe a few fond memories. At least brightens your day. You have already brightened mine, I appreciate you.

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